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Boldfaces International  has been in the entertainment industry since 2004, broadcasting our programmes locally and internationally. 

Recently, we decided to address the issue of child sexual abuse - how to prevent it and also to enlighten our community about pedophiles. We encourage victims of child sexual abuse to come out and tell their stories via our television talk show programme  “The Psychologist.”     


The Psychologist is  a public awareness campaign programme on Child Sexual Abuse, and  also to create a support platform for victims of child molestation, and to get the Authorities to do more in supporting our children. 

The Psychologist  TV is designed as a 30mins television talk show programme set out to address child sexual abuse & molestation in our society featuring our “Brave Seat of Change.” We have identified, refined and produced an effective television programme “The Psychologist” to mobilize Adults, Families and Communities to take actions that will protect children against being harmed. Our stories are heart breaking real life stories of people that have experienced child sexual abuse & molestation while growing up.


The children’s school programme will provide children with a forum in which to role-play and learn to avoid potentially harmful scenarios, also to encourage them to speak out when being sexually abused or molested.


We’ll be holding town-hall discussions and giving out vital information on ways to protect our young vulnerable children. This family support group programme is needed to re-enforce parenting skills and closely monitor the child’s well being. 


 Various celebrated entertainers and sport celebrities, both locally and internationally have endorsed this project and they have signed up to be part of the road show.

They will be touring the state‘s city centre advocating for child protection, educating parents on ways to protect their children and advising our children on vital signs to watch out for about child sexual abuse and molestation in their daily activities.

We’re closely working in partnership with The Nigeria Police Force on this project, Initiated by The  former Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Mohammed D. Abubakar and present IGP Suleiman Abba.


The Road awareness Campaign is  essential to sensitize market men and women on the need to be more informed and educate their children to prevent such ugly situations.


Our Team of Trained Psychologist also Provide Interactive Psychological First Aid Assistance(One on One) section to address the Sexual/ Mental health issues of rape and sexual abuse.


We Provide free child safety books for individuals, families and communities within each  State..  in conjunction with our  FOREIGN PARTNER

.        “it is easier to build Strong Children than to repair broken Men.”

 We’ll  be grateful for any  support given to us in line with our vision of Supporting, Empowering and protecting Our Women /Children, and we'll encourage you to join the fight against Child Sexual Abuse and  women  safety in Nigeria, Africa and Globally.

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