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Boldfaces recognizes’ Counterfeiting as a Global Evil Enterprise that threatens the Health and Safety of our Nation.

We are pleased to introduce to you our latest project,

THE COUNTERFEIT- “A Public Health and Safety Programme”

Designed to wake our nation up to the realities and dangers of counterfeiting and ways of identifying counterfeited goods, featuring Government Agencies, Regulatory Authorities, Legitimate Manufacturers and Brands.

BOLDFACES COUNTERFEIT  is on a massive educational advocacy mission to educate our people on the risk of counterfeiting and the need for government and our society to support our local manufacturers so as to reduce the dangers of counterfeited products to its lowest minimum.
We  produce  documentaries on organization’s history and  highlight their products and brands with special emphasis on their products uniqueness over it's competitors in the business. 
We’ll also cover developmental projects and community activities aimed at creating an enabling environment for industrial development, growth and prosperity of our society at large, with expert opinion on the issues of counterfeiting and the menace of counterfeited products in Nigeria focusing on....

  • The Menace of fake and counterfeit products
  • Identifying genuine and counterfeit products
  • Advice to brands and manufacturers on ways to protect their products.
  • Authorities and brands fight against counterfeit
  • Counterfeit legislation and Prosecution of offenders
  • Government fights against counterfeiters


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